Danalogic is proud to be part of The GN Group, pioneering great sound from world-leading hearing devices to Jabra office headsets and sports headphones. The GN Group is a global leader in intelligent audio solutions that let you hear more, do more and be more than you ever thought possible.

Danalogic from GN works hard to drive positive outcomes across the whole patient journey, enabling the NHS to deliver better care where it really matters.

Why partner with Danalogic?

We are a trusted NHS partner. The Danalogic team are clinical audiologists who provide support to you and your team, helping to reduce the everyday pressures of your department. We are working together with NHS clinicians to develop tools to inform and empower patients to get the best out of their hearing experience. Danalogic develops products designed specifically with and for the NHS.

  • Cutting-edge, high quality hearing technology
    Working closely with the NHS has enabled us to create innovative hearing aids that give users the best possible experience and restore their confidence. Danalogic hearing aids provide impressive sound quality and a flexible audiological solution, so people can enjoy clearer speech, richer sounds, and a vibrant listening experience, regardless of their hearing loss severity. Discover the whole danalogic NHS hearing aid range.
  • Highly qualified UK based team
    All Clinical Audiologists supporting Audiology departments across the UK with a highly responsive, efficient service. Please follow us on LinkedIn for all latest updates.
  • Passion for exceptional patient care
    People are at the heart of everything we do; our mission is to help more people to hear better. Visit our Patient Support page, and access resources to support danalogic hearing aid users, including detailed user guides and ‘how-to’ videos.
  • Commitment to supporting Hearing Professionals
    With free training and a variety of patient materials, our Professional Portal is designed to support Audiologist’s CPD and make their life easier in clinic. Register today free of charge to download helpful fitting guides and data sheets, informative White Papers, and time-saving patient handouts.

Meet the team

Contact us to arrange a meeting to find out more about how we can support you and your team. We look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, I’m Kate and I look after the Public Sector team here at GN Hearing. I am a Doctor of Audiology from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. I started with GN Hearing in 2006 at GN Hearing North America and joined the GN Hearing Northwest Europe team in 2020. I have previously worked in various clinical settings including fast-paced hospital clinics with neuro-otology specialists, non-profit speech and hearing centres caring for patients of all ages, and educational audiology settings. My husband (a Northern Ireland native) and I live in Belfast with our 3 dogs. When not working, you can find me baking, getting crafty with paint, silver, or hot glass, or exploring historic castles.

Heads of Field Sales for UK & Ireland

Team Kate Pick web



Hi, I am Lydia and have been part of GN Hearing team for 2 years, working in various roles from the NHS team, sales and technical support gaining knowledge of our business to be able to best support customers. Prior to joining GN Hearing, I worked clinically in both the NHS, gaining a Clinical Scientist (Audiology) qualification, and in the private sector. My background is in clinical research, physiology and sleep medicine. Outside of work I enjoy living by the coast with my partner and dog.

Field Sales Manager South West England

Team Lydia web


I’m Claudia, I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to the UK in 2016 to study my Bachelor’s in Audiology at the University of Southampton. I went on to practice as a clinical audiologist for three years, and then joined the NHS team at GN Hearing in January of this year. I am passionate about the importance of patient-centred care in audiology and providing audiologist in the NHS with the support needed to improve the lives of those with hearing loss.

Field Sales Manager South East England

Team Claudia web


Hi, I’m Laura, I am responsible for managing tenders and future product development for the Public Sector here at GN Hearing. I am an Audiologist by background having done a BSc in Audiology in Leeds and then completing the STP. I held multiple NHS roles before joining the GN team and I am also a board director for the British Academy of Audiology. My aim is to ensure we can deliver technology that offers the best possible sound quality and assist NHS Audiology departments by delivering the right support. We genuinely care about NHS Audiology and want to work in collaboration to help deliver the modernisation and changes needed to secure the future of NHS Audiology through our product roadmap and clinical support.

Head of Public Sector UK & Ireland

Team Laura web


I’m Emily, based in Cheshire, I joined GN Hearing in April 2024, transferring internally from the GN Group in Canada, as Account Manager for the North of England. Studying in England, where I hail from, I graduated as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 2010, where I practiced for 5 years in the UK private market.  With over 14 years in the industry, I have gained extensive experience internationally in the Audiology world, spending most of my working career managing retail operations across 4 continents. When not travelling for work, I am travelling for pleasure with a mild obsession for exploring and seeing as much of the world as humanly possible.  

Field Sales Manager North of England