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Our mission is to help you help more people to hear better.

Working closely with the NHS has helped us create solutions to give the best possible experience for you and your patients. Through our collaborative relationships with NHS Audiology Services, we used valuable feedback about our original danalogic Ambio solution as inspiration to launch this new product range.

danalogic Ambio Smart key features


Binaural Directionality microphone modes

Continuous ear-to-ear exchange of data about the environment optimises polar patterns and microphone settings in any listening situation.Patients can focus on a particular sound without being cut off from other sounds around them.

Spatial Sense

Interaural level difference (ILD) restoration. Sounds not directly in front or in back are more intense at the ear closest to the sound. WDRC can disturb this important localization cue.

Replaces spatial cues that are disrupted due to hearing aid placement behind the ear and the effects of wide dynamic range compression.Vivid spatial awareness and easy detection of where sounds are coming from.

Binaural Environmental Optimizer II

Time to determine need to change environment: 4 seconds. Duration of transition: 1 dB per second.

Analyses and accurately classifies the listening environment, automatically adjusting gain and noise reduction.Patients have optimal audibility and listening comfort, even in changing sound environments.

Impulse Noise Reduction

Reduces the amplification of sudden, loud noises by keeping the gain at prescribed levels and preserving soft transient speech sounds.Improves listening comfort for unexpected sounds, such as cutlery clanking or a door slamming.

DFS Ultra II

High precision feedback analysis enables DFS Ultra II to cancel feedback with extreme accuracy without cutting the gain. Music Mode analyses the sound over a longer period of time, so the system can better distinguish true feedback from music and other tonal sounds.Users can now enjoy extra comfort, better audibility and all the subtle nuances of rich sound, even in the most challenging situations. Music Mode provides users with a clearer, richer, distortion-free music experience.

Tinnitus Sound Generator with Nature Sounds

Programmable customised tinnitus therapy sounds as well as Nature Sounds.Helps to reduce the awareness of tinnitus and offer relief through a wide range of soothing background sounds.

Convenient rechargeability

Our new, advanced rechargeable hearing devices and inductive Desktop charger are reliable and intuitive to use and offer long-lasting power. There is no need to change batteries, which can be helpful for certain patient groups who have visual challenges, dexterity limitations, or for those where battery safety is a concern.

Recharge at any time

Plug the lightweight Desktop charger into a mains socket and gently place the hearing devices into the charger. With our leading solution, three hours is all it takes for the devices to be fully charged, giving 30 hours of use. Even when streaming calls or music 50% of the time, patients can still enjoy 24 hours of battery life. When in a rush, a quick 30 minute charge gives you 8 hours of use.

Charger desktop black front

Streaming and self-management

Greater empowerment for your patients

Direct streaming with Bluetooth Low Energy
It's easier than ever for patients to stay in touch with family and friends and listen to what they like. They can stream calls, music, podcasts, directions from an app, and other audio directly to their hearing devices from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or AndroidTM devices*. Our future-proof streaming solution gives lasting power without draining batteries.

Benefits of LE bluetooth streaming

  • More details of speech and conversations
  • Fuller sounds and high notes and tones
  • No delay with mix in streaming
  • Extended frequency bandwidth makes streaming music an immersive, enjoyable experience

* Android Streaming is available on select devices with Android version 10 and Bluetooth version 5.0, please see our website for a full list of compatible phones.


Tinnitus Relief app

Patients can further personalise their tinnitus management plans with reliable tinnitus information, a sound library, guided relaxation exercises, and additional activities. They can directly stream therapeutic sounds to their ears using Bluetooth Low Energy.

BeMore™ app

The BeMore app allows patients to discreetly control and personalise their hearing devices. Via the app they can make adjustments to speech clarity, noise, directionality, bass/middle/ treble gain, the Tinnitus sound generator (if enabled in the fitting software) and control streaming devices. All without touching – and drawing attention to – their hearing device.

Patients with rechargeable hearing devices can use the app to keep track of battery levels.


Be More app diagram

Remote hearing care

GN Assist and GN Assist Live allow Audiology Services to offer patients support with their danalogic Ambio Smart hearing devices from the comfort of their home. You have the option of either a live consultation via video call, where all changes, including feedback calibration, can be made. Alternatively patients can request downloadable fine-tunings via the BeMore app.

Danalogic Illustration Remote hearing care

Be wireless-ready

danalogic Ambio includes 2.4GHz wireless as standard.

Our wireless accessories give patients with a hearing loss access to many of the methods of communication such as using the telephone, listening to music or the radio and watching TV, which most patients take for granted.

Wireless accessories ambio smart

From left to right: Micro Mic, Multi Mic, TV Streamer 2, Remote Control 2, Phone Clip+, Remote Control

Standard colours



Sterling Grey

Light Blonde

Medium Blonde


Dark Brown

*These colours are available for all models except rechargeable.

Pearl White*




Custom colours



Medium Brown


Dark Brown

Supporting documents

If you’re looking for support & care, data sheets, user guides, patient sheets or white papers, you will find them here:

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  • Binaural Directionality microphone modes
  • Spatial Sense
  • Binaural Environmental Optimizer II
  • Impulse Noise Reduction
  • DFS Ultra II ™
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator with Nature Sounds