BeMore app

Personalisation and engagement

The GN Hearing BeMore app allows your patients to discreetly control and personalise their hearing devices. All without touching – and drawing attention to their hearing device.

The BeMore app is free to download on App Store or Google Play. It has never been more intuitive, making it easy for your patients to personalise their hearing experience even further.


It is all right there on the main screen

  • Use the top carousel, drop-down or card-swipe to choose the hearing device or streamer program, or your patients favourite. Tap drop-down to edit programs and favourites.
  • Use quick buttons for one-tap, advanced sound adjustments.
  • Adjust volume or mute. Press the split icon to adjust volume for left and right hearing devices independently.
  • Access Sound Enhancer to adjust treble/mid/bass, noise reduction, speech focus or wind noise reduction*. Also access Tinnitus Manager to adjust pitch and variation of sound from the Tinnitus Sound Generator, or to choose your Nature Sound*.
  • Navigational menu.

*Feature availability depends on hearing device model and settings provided by your hearing care professional.


My BeMore – a helping hand

The BeMore app includes a My BeMore section, where your patient can learn more about the app and its features, find guiding tips, and if they lose their hearing devices, use the 'Find my hearing device' feature.


Tinnitus Manager

If needed, you can enable your patients Tinnitus Manager, then they can make adjustments to white noise and six Nature Sounds, helping to break the tinnitus cycle and gain the relief they require.


Sound Enhancer –
personalise your sound

With the Sound Enhancer, patients can fine-tune bass, middle and treble, and depending on the hearing device your patients have, they can adjust noise reduction, speech focus and wind noise reduction. What’s more when they find settings they like, they can save them as favourites.


Hearing care wherever your patients are

It is possible for your patients to request changes to their hearing devices from the comfort of their own home. You can inform your patients that if they cannot make the required changes using the app, GN Assist makes it possible for them to request changes to their hearing devices without the need for a hospital visit. These settings will be sent to you to action and then the patient can download, accept or reject at home. The app also has the capability of allowing patients to feedback to you via rate my sound.

Please note this function is only available for danalogic Ambio.


As we are continuously making more mobile devices compatible, please check our up-to-date compatibility information here:

Supporting documents

If you’re looking for additional information regarding the BeMore app, you will find it here:

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