Hearing Aid Accessories

Expand your hearing experience

GN Hearing has a wide range of wireless accessories that can make hearing experience even better. They are designed to work together seamlessly with our hearing devices. Our range of accessories, combined with the technology in the Danalogic portfolio, create a hearing system that addresses many of the problems experienced by hearing device wearers.

Market-leading accessories with 6th generation 2.4GHz wireless technology

GN Hearing’s wireless accessories stream sound directly to the hearing devices. Our unique wireless platform is robust, stable and direct. Our range of accessories, combined with the technology in the danalogic portfolio, create a hearing system that addresses many of the problems experienced by hearing device wearers in situations with noise, reverberation or over distance.

Our 2.4GHz accessories can be added at any time without the need for software programming. Best of all, they work together as an intelligent system. For example, the TV mutes when a call comes in and the TV’s sound returns when you hang up the phone, ensuring a seamless listening experience.


Multi Mic & Micro Mic

Get even clearer sound – GN Hearing’s Micro Mic and Multi Mic enables patients to hear more of everything. The voice of a loved one, a teacher, a colleague – whether they are in a noisy place or several metres away, you will hear them with crystal-clear sound.

The Micro Mic and Multi Mic are discreet microphones that improve signal-to-noise ratio, so the people wearing them can understand speech in challenging listening environments, letting patients hear up to 25 meters (80 feet) away in clear line of sight, without having to wear an extra device around their neck. They can easily follow conversations in a variety of more challenging situations such as the conversation between people in a restaurant, in a business meeting or at a presentation in an auditorium.

The Micro Mic can be clipped on to the clothing of the person your patient wants to hear, making it easy to follow the conversation in noisy environments such as on a busy street, or when in the back of a car.

The Multi Mic provides the same great benefits as the Micro Mic, but can also be placed on the table where it turns into a table microphone, connects with loop and FM systems, and has a mini-jack input to make hearing devices work like wireless stereo headphones. It can stream sound from virtually any sound source, so hearing device wearers can enjoy conversations, even with background noise. You can purchase the Micro Mic and the Multi Mic in our online shop.

Download Multi Mic user guide


TV Streamer 2

Get crystal clear audio from the TV directly into the hearing devices. With GN Hearing’s TV Streamer 2, patients can enjoy clear sound from the TV or any other audio device – at normal volume – and still participate in conversations around them. You can purchase the TV Streamer in our online shop.

Download TV Streamer 2 user guide


Phone Clip+

Stream a phone call from any Bluetooth enabled phone, even when patients are in a busy and crowded place, talking on the phone becomes effortless with the GN Hearing’s Phone Clip+.

The Phone Clip+ has been developed to make phone calls easier for patients. The Phone Clip+ lets patients stream phone calls and audio straight to their hearing devices from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or smartphone. It provides a hands-free experience for the Bluetooth-enabled phone and can easily be clipped directly onto the clothing of your patients.

It’s easy, just push the answer button and the Phone Clip+ will stream the call directly to both hearing devices. If it’s too noisy, your patients can even block out surrounding noise to better hear the phone call. When your patients aren’t on the phone, they can use the Phone Clip+ as an audio streamer and remote control. You can purchase the Phone Clip+ in our online shop.

Download Phone Clip+ user guide


Remote Control 2

The GN hearing Remote Control 2 gives you simple control and an overview of the volume and program settings of your hearing devices.

The Remote Control 2 makes it easy for your patients to discreetly adjust their volume on hearing devices. They can also switch to one of our other streaming accessories, balance its volume or change programme on their hearing devices, and see all settings on the backlit display.

If patients have a smartphone, they can also easily control their hearing devices. Its visual interface gives them a clear indication of the current volume and program settings of your hearing devices. Overview, control and discretion – all in one. You can purchase the Remote Control 2 in our online shop.

Download Remote Control 2 user guide

Remote Control

Remote Control

The GN hearing Remote Control is easy to set-up and use. It will quickly become a valued part of your daily life.

The large tactile buttons on the Remote Control make switching settings and adjusting the volume simpler than ever. And if you like to see your settings, the Remote Control 2 shows them on a backlit display. You can purchase the Remote Control in our online shop.

Download Remote Control user guide

From left to right:
Micro Mic, Multi Mic, TV Streamer 2, Remote Control 2, Phone Clip+, Remote Control

If you wear danalogic hearing aids and would like to purchase any of our wireless accessories, you can do so via our Online Shop. Alternately, please contact GN Hearing [email protected] for further information.