danalogic Actio

New rechargeable BTE for the NHS

Advancing with danalogic Actio - at Danalogic GN, we understand that your primary focus is to improve your patients’ outcomes with a solution that is tailored to their needs. Our new affordable rechargeable BTE solution, designed exclusively for and with the NHS, gives you more opportunities to provide better hearing.

Simply powerful - danalogic Actio is the new rechargeable behind-the-ear (BTE) solution – for mild to severe hearing losses – offering the latest innovations in sound quality and connectivity, in a new design and with industry leading rechargeability.

Innovations in sound quality and connectivity - danalogic Actio BTEs constantly adapt to ensure patients get the power and clarity they need, even in the most difficult of listening situations.

12782 Actio Table

Recharge at any time

A great hearing aid also ensures that any hearing solution fits seamlessly into your patient’s life. danalogic Actio keeps going for as long as your patients do. The Desktop charger is a small, sturdy unit which can be plugged into a mains power socket or into a USB socket. It utilises wireless, inductive charging and has automatic on/off functionality. With our leading solution, three hours is all it takes for the devices to be fully charged to give your patients the power for a new day.

Charging TimeDanalogic Actio rechargeable Standard BTE hours of battery life*Danalogic Actio rechargeable Power BTE hours of battery life*
3 hours =25
18 with 50% streaming time
16 with 50% streaming time
1 hour =1513.8
10 minutes =2.52.3

*Expected battery life depends on device model, active features, the use of wireless accessories, hearing loss, device age and sound environment.

Designed for comfort and all-day use

The new rechargeable danalogic Actio models offer a unique and ergonomic design. These hearing aids sit low on the ear and only rest on one point on the ear to improve patient comfort, while ensuring the best possible placement of the microphones for great sound quality.

KA 88 PBTE Re Hook Warm Grey 2
  • New mic filter - Easy to replace
  • LED indicator - Charging status
  • Easy click-on - Both hook and thin tube
  • Single on-ear touchpoint - For ultimate comfort and adaptability
  • Lifestyle proofed - IP68 rated

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For NHS Audiology providers

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  • All Access Directionality
  • Ultra Focus
  • Hands-free calling for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Check My Fit
  • Designed for comfort and all-day use
  • Apps - For patient self management
  • A unique and ergonomic design - To improve patient comfort
  • GN Assist and GN Assist live - For remote care
  • Direct connectivity - To wireless accessories