danalogic e-Series

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danalogic e-Series is great for patients with dexterity or cognition limitations - a simple solution that is easy to understand and maintain

Great sound quality – even in noise

Our aim is to offer the most natural quality sound and the best speech in noise understanding. The e-Series is fast, quiet and natural.

Simple to use

The e-Series can be set up as a fully automatic hearing device. It recognises seven different listening environments and adjusts the gain accordingly.

Easy to handle

The e-Series doesn’t sacrifice usability in its quest for cosmetics. Clear on/off indication, a classic textured wheel volume control which stops turning at maximum and minimum, a sturdy battery door and an easy battery change process are all included.

Uses slim tubes and traditional ear moulds

The hearing devices will not whistle – the digital feedback system of DFS II and Feedback Eliminator use phase cancellation and a tagging system in parallel on both microphones to eradicate constant and dynamic feedback before it happens.

danalogic e-Series key features


Softswitching – with Bandsplit Processing

Your patients can focus on the sounds that are important to them without losing touch with what’s going on around them.

Beam Selector with AutoScope

Automatically narrows the directional beam in on conversations taking place in front of the listener as noise levels increase and it automatically widens the directional beam when noise levels decrease. This enables the hearing instrument to optimize speech understanding appropriately in noise while improving environmental awareness when less noise is present.

Dual Stabilizer DFS II – with Feedback Eliminator

Suppresses feedback in just about every conceivable situa9on, without sacrificing appropriate gain.

The danalogic e-Series colours available


Marble Grey

Medium Blonde


Dark Brown

Supporting documents

If you’re looking for support & care, data sheets, user guides, patient sheets or white papers, you will find them here:

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