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Targeted advertising through Facebook

  • Feeds
    • Facebook News Feed
    • Instagram feed
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Facebook video feeds
    • Facebook right column
    • Instagram Explore
    • Messenger Inbox
  • Stories
    • Facebook stories
    • Instagram stories
    • Messenger stories
  • In-stream
    • Facebook in-stream videos
    • IGTV videos
  • Search
    • Facebook search results
    • Messenger sponsored messages
  • In-article
    • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Apps
    • Audience Network native, banner and interstitial
    • Audience Network rewarded videos

Targeted advertising through LinkedIn

  • Text ads
  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsored messaging
  • Dynamic ads

Targeted advertising through Google (customer Match)

  • Search Network and Shopping tab
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Google Display Network
GN Hearing A/SGN Hearing Danmark A/S
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Hearing aids, hearing aid parts, hearing aid accessories, Hearing aid connected apps, tinnitus management apps, Online hearing test under the following brand names: ReSound, Beltone, Interton, Danalogic and KAI Hearing.
GN Audio A/SGN Audio A/S
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Headsets, speakerphones, video conference equipment, hearing aids, hearing aid parts, hearing aid accessories, hearing aid connected apps under the following brand names: Jabra, BlueParrott and FalCom.